Monday, December 14, 2009

Caelyn and Co

I've been so lazy with the Blog recently that I don't really know where to start.

Wendy and Teresa Jayne have been ill with normal winter viruses. As you know, the family have just moved house and Caelyn hates mess, but has had to put her children first. Wendy is almost over it – she has a couple of times a day where she fizzles out like an empty battery, but overall she is almost back to normal. They had to take Teresa Jayne back to the Dr as she was getting worse. He put her on 3 lots of medicine, but when Caelyn opened the antibiotic, she discovered it was banana flavoured.

Teresa had a small bit of banana once, and her tongue turned navy blue and swelled up a bit, so we have decided she is not to have banana as her Auntie Michelle is very allergic to them. The last time Michelle had banana was with friends in McDonalds. They were having a McFlurry, and she took a little sip of the wrong one by mistake. She stopped as soon as she realised it was a banana one, but her face swelled up like a full moon and her tongue swelled and her throat closed and she felt awful. It is because Michelle reacts so severely that we have decided we can't take chances with Teresa. Caelyn talked it over with their Health Visitor and she is in complete agreement.

So Caelyn contacted the pharmacy and they checked all the other local pharmacies to find the antibiotic in a different flavour. It was a heck of a hassle but it all worked out in the end, and Teresa has started the antibiotic, but she is worse. Her breathing is very shallow and rapid, with a pronounced wheeze. She can't even cry properly, and on top of it she has vomiting and diarrhoea. Caelyn has had to speak to the Dr again. All Teresa wants is her Mum, and Caelyn naturally responds. She is getting precious little sleep or rest, and feels she ought to be doing more about unpacking, and going back to shampoo the carpets in her old house before officially handing it back on Thursday. She is feeling tearful and completely demoralised.

Nigel hasn't been much help. On the very day of the move, he went fishing. Caelyn did most of it, with her sick children. She has fought to get the new house in the first place, arranged the transfer of gas and electricity, organised new furniture, tried to keep the family fed without a cooker (it arrived on Saturday) and deal with the gas thermostat set dangerously high. Her kidney function is falling so she is physically toxic and feels very unwell. She has carried a huge amount on her shoulders, and she has been trying to get the place straight and tidy, but she is utterly exhausted and demoralised. These burdens have all become too heavy. She does not need Prozac; she needs a willing husband who sees what needs to be done and just gets on with it without having to be asked. A marriage is a partnership and both people need to pull their weight. Nigel needs to take more of the strain or Caelyn's health may well collapse. She is not SuperWoman.

She is seeing the Consultant about her kidney function on Wednesday, and I hope he can help her.

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