Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yesterday and Today Part 2

Yesterday I was up at 7am to get ready for my mum to pick me up to go to Canterbury for my mammogram.  I was seen quickly and we weren't at the hospital long.  Then we parked at Whitefriars and borrowed Shopmobility scooters and trundled around Canterbury.  My mum has been looking for warm cardigans and she found two that she liked, and she bought them.  It was nice, seeing Canterbury.  Its a very pretty city.

On our way home, we drove through Hawkinge, and we saw Caelyn and Nigel on the pavement.  They had to go to the Council about their new house, and as the Council can be very slow, we offered to take Wendy to lunch at the Cat and Custard Pot.  After that  my mum would drop us off at my house and Caelyn and Nigel would pick Wendy up when they were finished at the Council offices. After a good lunch, we had such a lovely Country Lane drive on the way back to Folkestone.

Sean is going to a Concert that his children are in this weekend.  They are both musicians.  So he caught the train to Folkestone and we had dinner in Giovanni's then I accompanied him back to the station, where we said a sad farewell.  

So yesterday was very busy and I felt ok through most of it.  But today I am in bed with 'payback'.  I'm quite cheerful but aching and exhausted. 

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