Monday, November 16, 2009

Google Adsense

I've noticed that today, Google has put some adverts on my Blog.  I have agreed to some discreet ones as they can bring in a small monthly income. (note, small).  There are no guarantees, but I will give it a go unless and until they become offensive, intrusive or vulgar.  

One rule they are very strict about is that family should not click on the ads.  The ads are paid for by the advertisers on a pay-per-click basis, so family and friends clicking could give me an extra few pennies.  However, doing that is fraud/theft, which is why Google are rightly strict about it.  They note the IP address (each computer's individual numerical address) and if we click on ads on our own Blog, I will be open to legal action and suspension.  So please - don't do it.  You won't help, and you may make things worse for us.  

However, anyone else may click as much as they like.  I've just posted about Teresa Jayne's new teeth, and the ads are about teeth, teeth whitening and dental treatments.  


Gardenia said...

hi. thanks for stopping by my blog. I read a few of your posts. your teresa Jane is a doll. congrats on three teeth to her!! I think you found me thru Sister Mary Martha. I love her blog.

Sue said...

I love Sr Mary Martha too. She is priceless!