Sunday, November 01, 2009

End of an Era for Sean

An era is coming to a close for Sean.

On Thursday, I waited at his house for the BT engineer to install business telephone and fax lines. He has a new telephone system and a lot of stuff to sort out.

On Friday, the furniture removal company came to clear the office to move the things to the new office at his house. They ran out of time and as they had another job, they could not unload, so the van has been securely locked on the removal company's premises, and the plan is to deliver it on Monday.

On Saturday, Sean spent a lot of time clearing Marie's room. She is 35 and has her own home now, and Sean was sure she would understand that he needed the space. His one remaining secretary. Gabrielle, will be using that room, and apart from the desk and filing cabinets, they have to find a place for a laser printer, a photocopier, a fax machine, a computer and other stuff. I suspect Sean will have to get an electrician in to install more plug points, as I don't think there will be enough for all that kit. Sean will work in the attic, Gabrielle in what was Marie's room, with extra space in the tiny room housing the hot water boiler. A couple of filing cabinets will have to go in the entrance hallway. Also, they have to get broadband sorted out and a host of other things.

Sean has driven to Milton Keynes today to take as much of Marie's stuff to her as possible.

It is a heck of a lot of upheaval, and a bigger job than Sean thought, but it will be worth it as he won't have to work so much. Once his office overheads are gone and the much smaller overheads of working fewer hours and at home, he is expected to save £48 000 a year. That is a huge sum not to have to worry about earning. The recession has hit him a bit, but the chief reason for shutting the office is that he can't keep up with that pressured lifestyle any more. He doesn't want to retire, but he wants and needs to work less and to have less pressure. I'll be glad when he is all settled, as I worry about the effects of the punishing pace he is forced to keep up.

God Bless you, Sean, and may it all go smoothly and well.

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