Friday, August 07, 2009

Sweet Story - and what makes it sweeter is that it is True

My daughter Michelle is a support worker for people with Learning Difficulties such as Cerebral Palsy and Downs Syndrome.

Several members of staff were upset when a colleague I will call Zack, was suspended. He has worked there for many years and as he has no close family, he likes to work overtime because work has become his family. The feeling was that the suspension was unjust. Michelle told me tonight that the Residents were upset about it too.

Now, this is the lovely bit. One of the Residents organised the other Residents to meet in the garden at night to pray to the Stars (he believes in stars, which he can see, rather than God who he can't see. Within their parameters, they were praying to God). One of the Residents is a lady with such severe agorophobia that she has not been able to leave the house for years. She joined in the prayers in the garden too. They all prayed that Zack would keep his job.

When that prayer was answered, they were all very happy and felt that they had "fixed it".

Was it God or co-incidence? I don't know for sure, but I believe it was God. Jesus said that we have to pray and believe like little children. That is what they did, and it is beautiful. And Zack has been reinstated. Praise God!

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