Friday, August 21, 2009


Sean and I are off to France tomorrow, to visit an old school friend of his in Ville sur Mer. We catch the ferry in Portsmouth and sail to Caen. It is always a great pleasure because the ferry company goes out of its way to make the experience special.

We will have a cabin with beds made up with crisp clean linen, and there is an ensuite shower/basin/wc. There are three restaurants on board to cater for every budget, a cinema, children's amusements and some shops selling duty free goods. The staff are helpful and efficient, so the journey is looked forward to rather than dreaded. I'm sure we will have a good time, but there will be no photos this time as I am lending my camera to Caelyn.

Vodafone are having a "Special" this summer. I can use my vodafone in France for exactly the same price as if I were using it in England, so that is the phone I will be taking with me. My texts will be free and voice calls to my family group are free too. Plus, if I call after 19h30, I can talk for 60 min but only pay for 3.

I'm all packed up and have two good books in my bag, and the taxi has already been ordered to pick me up, so I can now go to sleep with a clear conscience.

Well, almost clear. Michelle and Richard will be looking after Spikky who, nevertheless, will be in a fury when I get back, as she hates disruptions in her routine. Brak is going to visit Caelyn. He loves the kids and he gets on with their dog. Still, it won't be easy as he gets dreadfully depressed when we are apart. He won't eat or drink, and he howls, even with the comfort of his frog and his blanket. Last time, Kate had to put him in bed with her so that the household could get some sleep. Poor lad is visibly aging. He will be 9 this August, poor love. He can be a nuisance, but I miss him when he isn't around. It just feels wrong.

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