Thursday, July 23, 2009

Poor Wendy!

Wendy is missing her Great Gran Josie who is away on holiday.

Her friends Heather, Jenna and Jordan are away on holiday.

Sean and Waggy will be away on holiday next week.  

Nursery School is on holiday until September.

Toddler group is on holiday until September.

Stephen and Margaret were here on holiday, but they have gone now.

Wendy isn't on holiday; she's at home, wondering where her friends and relatives have gone and why she hasn't gone too.

Sean took her to Lathe Barn last weekend, and she loved it.  A friend from Toddler group was there and they played nicely together.  The friend, Sam, was scared of animals, but she got up close to some sheep after Wendy went to feed them, and Sam fed them too.  Sam's mum says you can buy a season ticket to Lathe Barn for £22.  It would be worth getting one because there is always someone to play with. It costs Sean, Wendy and I £7 entrance fees per visit, so it would pay itself off very quickly.

Sean and Wendy outside the shop at Lathe Barn


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