Monday, June 08, 2009

Poor Caelyn!

Poor Caelyn broke a tooth over the weekend, and was in severe pain, so she made an emergency appointment with the dentist today.  The only appointment she could get was for when she was supposed to take Wendy to see a play at the Leas Cliff Hall.  Its the play of Wendy's current favourite book, The Tiger who came to Tea.  Luckily, the ticket office were accommodating, and changed the ticket for one tomorrow.  

It will be nice for Caelyn and Wendy to do some fun stuff together.  When you are a mother of young children, its so easy to be too busy to have real fun with them.  There is housework, shopping, taking to and fetching from school, cooking, bathing, doing laundry, seeing to the pets - the list of motherly "oughteries" is endless.  And Wendy is a lot of fun.  It will be nice for the two of them to enjoy a play together.  My mother bought the tickets because she has so much fun with Wendy that she thought Caelyn should have that pleasure too.  

So, back to the broken tooth.  It was a wisdom tooth that had been weak for a long time.  The dentist said it was too far gone to save so she agreed to an extraction.  He gave her local anaesthetic, but it didn't 'take' properly.  She didn't have full feeling, but she certainly felt quite a lot.  By the time they realised that she should have had a bigger dose, the tooth was partially loosened in the socket, so rather than having another injection and waiting for it to work, they just carried on.  Apparently they use different local anaesthetic for breastfeeding mothers.

When she got back here, she looked grey.   And do you know what worried her most?  She didn't know what to tell Wendy, because she didn't want Wendy to think that dentists hurt people and that they could take Wendy's teeth out.  

Here she is giving Teresa Jayne a cuddle

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