Friday, June 26, 2009

Meat arrived

Yesterday I ordered meat, rusks, pap and tins of cream style sweetcorn and it was delivered by courier before 09h00 this morning. I ordered it from Savanna.

The rusks are pure indulgence, and the cream style sweetcorn is for my own fail safe recipe for Corn Bread. Just as well I had the flop with steaming the other loaf in the vegetable steamer. How awful if I tried it for the first time on the day itself! The reason I tried it was because I don't like surprises and I wanted to make sure it worked. It didn't, as you will see a bit further down the page. My recipe not only tastes great but is flop proof.

It was packed remarkably well. There were 3 x 2kg ice packs at the bottom. Then each portion of meat was wrapped in a flexible foil ice pack, then wrapped again in bubble wrap. It was all packed in a large polystyrene box which was inside a cardboard box.

When I unpacked it, the Wors looked good. I will let you know if it is good to eat after we have eaten it. It was sent chilled rather than frozen, and I was pleased about that because now I don't have to worry about food safety . If frozen meat thawed in transit., it could not be refrozen safely, so it would have gone to waste unless I cooked it all and then froze it again. You can't put cooked meat on a BBQ. It would just be wrong. As it is, I was happy to put it in my freezer, and there it will stay until the Great BBQ Day. First one in 18 years!

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