Thursday, May 14, 2009

Welcome to the world, Teresa Jayne

Teresa was born at 22h07, is 34cm long and weighs 6lb3oz.  The birth
was very quick and easy but there were problems afterwards.  She lost
a lot of blood and they couldn't deliver the placenta in Dover
Hospital so they called an ambulance to take Caelyn and Teresa to the
William Harvey  to have it removed under anaesthetic.  The Dr there
eventually removed it in the ward without anaesthetic.  They are going
to decide tomorrow if she needs a blood transfusion.

It was all very 'manic' as there were 7 midwives in there when things
began going wrong, and it freaked Caelyn out a bit.  Even so, with two
people putting drips in her, someone putting in a catheter, someone
else pressing her tum etc, all Caelyn could think about was the
welfare of her baby.  And alls well that ends well.  The world is now
richer by one beautiful little scrap who already loves her food!

Incidentally, she was born with a caul and her Apgar score was
perfect.  She is a fine, healthy little lass who is alert and
wonderful and very welcome.

I'm hoping for some shut eye now, so goodnight, and Thanks be to God.

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