Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Back home after Party

I had a really upsetting experience on Sunday. I was on the train. A woman with shopping bags was in the disabled section which is where they put me and my scooter. When she prepared to get off the train, she began shouting that my scooter was in the f**king way and was a f**king health and safety hazard, and how was she supposed to get out? I pointed out that there were other doors, but it made her shout even more. She said that I wasn't even f**king disabled so I shouldn't have that f***ing thing. I asked how she knew I wasn't disabled, and she said she had seen me walking to the toilet. I told her that 96% of disabilities are invisible and advised her to suck a lemon to sweeten herself up. When she got off the train, she stood on the platform still shouting at me.

I'm not proud of my reactions. I should have handled it better, on a 'soft answer turneth away wrath' basis. But the encounter really shook me up and I still feel upset about it. I'm hoping I don't see her in town because she was very threatening. There is less than a minute travelling time between Folkestone West and Folkestone Central, so it is possible that we could meet again. I'm not sure what she was doing in the Disabled section of the train in the first place. It is for wheelchairs, bicycles and people with prams, and she had none of those.

Its not as if she was a silly brat whose parents had never taught her manners - she was 60 if she was a day. And there were young children waiting for her on the platform, and I had noticed that the shopping bags contained gift wrapped presents, so I assume she was their granny. If she was, what sort of example is that to set the grandchildren?

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