Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brakkie's Teeth and the Beast

Brakkie is booked to have his dental work done today. I got up early and bathed him because I was too tired to do it yesterday. I will take him to the Vet's surgery for 9am. He has to be fetched at 5pm and my son-in-law Nigel is going to take me to pick him up because I think scooter travel is not for small silly dogs who are dopey from anaesthesia.

I will have to use my small scooter which is much slower than the Breeze (affectionately known as the Beast) because I have had to take it off the road. The pin that keeps the tiller firmly at the correct angle has become loose. There has been a fair bit of 'play' on it for a while. Nigel is going to look for his angled screwdriver to open up the panel to see if it is simply a matter of tightening up the thread at the end of the pin. I really hope it is because I hate not having my dependable beast of burden ready and willing to go.

My mother and Wendy had a good time together yesterday.

I had taken her to the Leas whilst her Mum and Dad were grocery shopping. One of her favourite games is 'Hiding', and here she is, hiding behind a lamp post. See the fun on her face.

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