Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blast Murphy's Guts!

We all know Murphy's Law, What can go wrong will go wrong. Murphy was right.

In my last post, I mentioned that my big mobility scooter, the Breeze 3 or Beast, developed wobbly steering and that I have taken it off the road for safety reasons.

So I took Brakkie to the Vet this morning using the Pride Revo 4. It struggled a bit with the Dover Rd hill. I took Brakkie in to the vet then tried to come home. The Revo came to a standstill. I thought perhaps a connection was loose so I took it apart and put it together again and it worked so off I went, thinking nothing of it. I was going downhill and was just outside Hambrook and Johns when the Revo stopped again. I phoned for a taxi but nobody with a Black Cab was on duty. Eventually my son in law came to fetch me, which wasn't fair because he is taking me to fetch Brakkie from the Vet later this afternoon.

Now I have no working scooter, I will be pretty much housebound again, as I have not budgeted for taxi fares. I would never have thought that they would both break down at the same time.

BTW, it is weird driving a scooter with no Brak. Nigel felt odd when he went out and there was no furious barking. Its just so odd without him. He looked so miserable when I left him with the Vet.

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