Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Pray for Caelyn's Doctor

Caelyn was feeling very unwell and in quite a lot of pain due to her kidneys this evening. She has had a whole lot of new tests and is to see the Consultant next week, and they will discuss the possibility of removing a kidney.

Which one though? The small, misshapen one that is full of scar tissue and that functions at 37%? Or the other one which is chronically infected, bleeding and forming stones which cause her a lot of pain and malaise? So, if you believe, please pray that her Dr will know the right thing to do.

People tend to think the effects of a car accident are over after a few months. Well, the accident that did all the damage happened in Dec 1989, and both girls have permanent problems to this day. Michelle needs more surgery to her hand as the scar tissue has become too tight, but she doesn't trust UK hospitals, and I can't say I blame her. She wants to go back to SA to get the original surgeon to do more work on her hand as we know that he is excellent and the hospital adequately staffed and spotless. We've got a fair amount of saving to do before then though.

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Shaun said...

you have my petitions before the Father. hugs from TX