Friday, November 03, 2006

More happy faces

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No - it's SuperWoozle!!

This is how our little Wendy is usually, which is why we were upset and worried when she was very miserable for over a week. If she hadn't snapped out of it, she would have had to be taken to see a Dr. However, in England, that is a risky business because far too many people believe in the very questionable Munchausens-by-Proxy theory whereby an adult will claim a child is ill in order to draw attention to themselves. So if a Dr can find nothing wrong, the mother is looked at with suspicion and it could end up with her baby being taken away from her and adopted against her will. Even if in time she is proved innocent, she will never see her child again. All first time mothers worry because they know that they are inexperienced. Yet with medical personnel acting as judge and jury with devastating consequences, mothers are apprehensive about asking for advice. But there they are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea because if they don't take the child to the Dr and something IS wrong, they could lose their child for that too.

The Family Court system is very much in the news in the UK at the moment. Journalists are protesting against the secrecy in which the hearings are held, where very flaky and dodgy "evidence" is bandied about by people who are not held accountable for their distortions and subjective opinions, their errors or false beliefs.

As far as Munchausens-by-Proxy goes, medical and social services staff should be taught the Zebra theory. The Zebra theory says that if you are walking in an English country lane and you hear the sound of galloping hooves, you are probably hearing a horse. It is possible that it is not a horse at all; it could be a zebra. But Zebra's galloping down English country lanes are so rare as to be effectively discounted. If Munchausens-by-Proxy exists at all, it is extremely rare.

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