Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pied Piper

Everyone knows that I use a Mobility Scooter and that my little 3 legged dog rides on it every time I do.

Well, Fat Father Jack has been jealous and he has been climbing on it a lot lately too.

My daughter and her husband are staying with me because he has a nasty dose of 'flu and she has just had her Wisdom Teeth out and she feels pretty grim. The idea is that I will help with my granddaughter.

This evening, the dog the baby and I went to Tesco. On the way back, Fat Father Jack was waiting at the end of the road so we stopped to talk to him. He jumped on the scooter too, so driving home, there was the dog, the baby, the cat and the fat mamma. I couldn't get free of everyone so I had to phone Caelyn to come out and release me. She brought the camera up, so I have evidence that I been transformed into the Pied Piper LOL!!

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