Monday, October 02, 2006

Dates from days of Henry the 8th

The Spotted Dog has been aound for centuries and there are all sorts of fascinating architectural features. The ceilings are low - people were shorter in those days - and the main fireplace has a bread oven in it. The leaded lights are genuine; the roof is a bit squonk and the setting in the Kent countryside is beautiful. Winter is making its approach felt - the days are getting darker, shorter and colder. Indeed, for some people it will be a very cold winter as the price of gas and electricity - which is how most people heat their homes - has gone up by 81%, and people on small fixed incomes will have no way of paying for heating. Winter claims lives every year, so when you gaze upon these beautiful pictures, think of those who will die of hypothermia this winter. There will be more deaths than usual due to the fuel price increases.
May God have mercy on us all.

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