Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Caelyn's Teeth

Caelyn's Wisdom Teeth were taken out today, thank God! We had a long wait though, and the Receptionist kindly explained that they were having problems with the patient in there and that Dr was just changing because his clothing had got messy. I knew exactly what she meant, but Caelyn didn't, so she kindly elaborated that "sometimes blood spurts". Caelyn was then terrified and I had to give her some Rescue Remedy.

When she went in, I went with her and Nigel (who has 'flu and fever) took Wendy for a walk so Caelyn wouldn't hear her if she cried. The tooth came out without too much trouble, much to Caelyn's surprise. She was sore when we got back home, and she is a little swollen but she is OK.

My Mum came round to help me look after Wendy while Caelyn and Nigel took their pain/fever tablets and went to bed. We went out to get Caelyn some ice cream from the Italian shop.

We all felt grim this evening. I'm not sure if I and getting 'flu or an ME flare up. Its impossible to tell the difference. My glands are swollen and sore, my muscles hurt, my throat is sore, I'm nauseous with stomach cramps, headachy, sore eyes, tired, hot and cold. It will take a few days to see what exactly this is, but I suppose it doesn't make much difference as the treatment is the same in both cases ie plenty of rest and lots of water.

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Shaun said...

A speedy recovery. Here's a ((hug)) from a friend in TX. Have a kitty snuggle (or a Brakkie). Best regards,Shaun