Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Michelle went back to Norfolk today to work her notice period, and we expect her back home on 6 October. She is feeling very fragile and broken about the Ian situation. She is in pieces, so I hope she copes with work. Hopefully it could prove a distraction.

Wendy had her first fever today - quite mild - only just above 38, but of course her mum and dad are worried. She has no other symptoms though so it could just be teething. It doesn't come at a good time though - her Mum has a radioactive kidney scan tomorrow and having 3 wisdom teeth removed the day after. Nigel is very pale and unwell too. He managed to take my bedframe apart so I will be able to put the mattress on the floor and they will be able to sleep on it here, where I will be able to look after them.

They had bought bread and milk for Nanna but just needed to get home, so Brakkie and I hopped on the Beast and took it round to her instead, and we had a lovely chatty visit.

I wrote to our local paper, asking them to thank the people who were so kind to us when Brakkie was attacked, and they asked if they could send a photographer round. He came this afternoon so Brakkie will probably be in Thursday's Folkestone Herald. It occurred to me too late that my landlord might see it and I'm not supposed to have pets here! Gulp!!! I couldn't refuse to take him in after my friend June, his previous owner, died. He is a bit daft and has separation anxiety so I couldn't let the silly little lad go to someone else. May seeing eyes become temporarily blind!

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Shaun said...

Amen to the last sentence, dear. Brakkie needs you but you need him, too. He's the last of your friend June with 'skin-on', your loveable, touchable link to her. Prayers said here, as well.