Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bits of Family News

Michelle has gone shopping in Norwich today, and is hoping to find some good bargains. She is counting the days - 9 - until she comes home for good. She loved the job in Great Yarmouth, and wants to find a similar job down here.

Caelyn and Nigel were planning to go to Maidstone to see if they can find a suitable, stable pushchair for Wendy, that has handles high enough to be comfortable for Caelyn. They have a Hauck Jeep Travel System, but it has been a great disappointment. The tyres are faulty and keep going flat so they have to carry a pump with them wherever they go. Because it is such a hassle, they have only used it about 7 or 8 times. To buy new tyres will cost just over £50 each, which is ridiculous. I think the factory should exchange it for them. It was hardly cheap, so they quite reasonably expected it to be manufactured to a higher quality than that!

My Mum got Wendy a lovely toy Giraffe and some really cute clothes. She is restitching the joins in Wendy's blanket, because Wendy loves it and likes to have it when she sleeps. She is also knitting her a poncho as the other poncho has been a success story. She is also knitting a cardigan for her.

I don't feel well. Everyone went home early last night so that I could go to bed. Today I'm off to Sean's as it is Elise, his French Goddaughter's last weekend here and we plan to take her to the Spotted Dog for lunch tomorrow. Then Sean and Elise will go to London to see the Holbein Exhibition. Sean is very good about my limitations these days and if I tell him I need to take it easy, he understands. I'm taking my camera to get a few nice ones of Elise. They are in Cambridge today for lunch with Margaret.

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