Monday, September 25, 2006

Anyone for Bovril?

Dear Fat Jack is very fond of Bovril toast with thick butter. My daughter hadn't realised that I gave Jack Bovril Toast, and can you believe it? She thought it was an odd thing to do!! What is wrong with Bovril? I offered to make her some too, but she didn't want any. Dog in the manger attitude, if you ask me. Meow!!

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Shaun said...

While in S Africa, I developed a taste for Marmite.(and Rooibus) Dearly love the stuff. There was one called "Spread" (Frey Bentos?)that was similar but was discontiued. Also Marmalade, not the sugar stuff Americans call marmie, but the stuff with a bit of a bitter bite. Yummy. I found a grapefruit one, from where else? A small kitchen boutique in England. Hope you're feeling better now. Hug a Wendy for me. Cheers, Shaun