Monday, July 24, 2006

Grand Day!

Yesterday was a grand day for Woozle.
Ian’s mum Elaine, had bought a Jolly Jumper for her, but it didn’t fit Caelyn’s door frames, so she returned it for a cash refund.

Wendy has been insisting on standing recently, so Caelyn, Nigel and I scoured town to find her a walking ring.  Nigel spotted the last one in Folkestone, a Chicco UFO.  It has a very wide wheel-base and is virtually impossible to topple.  It has a removable tray that lights up and makes noises.  Underneath that bit is a recessed tray that could take juice and a snack.  It took Nigel a fair bit of time to assemble it.

Wendy loved it!  She was crowing with delight, and her parents really enjoyed hearing her laughing and seeing her face light up in pleasure.  They pushed her around on it, and it gave a lot of joy to us all, seeing Wendy’s delight in it.

Her Auntie Squit played Aeroplanes with her and made her laugh.  It was a great day!

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