Monday, October 29, 2012

Coeliac Disease

My dear granddaughter has been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease.  Her mum is very busy with a husband and household to run and three kids, a dog, a cat and two Guinea Pigs.  As she is so busy I am experimenting with some Coeliac friendly recipes.  When I find a recipe that works well, I will make it a few times and then show my daughter how to do it when she has a bit of spare time.

I have a few criteria for the recipes.

1.  They have to be easy to make

2.  Ingredients must be easy to find

3.  Ingredients should not be beyond the budget of an ordinary working family, and

4.  All the family should like them, not just the Coeliac person.  I don't think its good for one person in a family to be singled out and made to eat 'yucky' stuff while everyone else eats 'yummy' stuff.

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